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Training Organision

●  Recruit fresh graduates/cadets every year.
●  1-2months intensive training for fresh cadets by experienced foreign Captain/CE, English teacher and psychologist.
●  Training courses includes: Attitude, Cross Culture, Moral Education, Safety of Ship, Environmental Protection, Safe Working Practices on Board, COLREG,ISM Code, ISPS Code, PSC/USCG Inspection and Oil ●  Major Inspection(Vetting)
●  Training for application, update and upgrade of seafarer’s certificates.
●  Special training for tanker, chemical, etc.
●  SEMINAR, 1-2 times every years.
●  Proficiency in maritime ENGLISH for officers and ratings more than 2 times every year.
●  SEAGULL, “BASSNET” and “MARLIN” training & testing
●  Pre-boarding training.
●  Implementation and briefing on Owner’s demand
●  Any others training by required.

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