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Maritime Education

The Students study the following theory courses for 3-4 years according to STCW compliance:
Courses in Navigation Major:
●  Nautical Navigation
●  Ship Duty and Collision Avoidance
●  Maneuvering of Ship
●  Marine Meteorology and Oceanography
●  Maritime English
●  Maritime Transportation
●  Structure and Equipment of Ships
●  Ship Management

Courses in Marine Engineering Major:
●  The basis of the Marine Engineering
●  Main Propulsion Power Plant
●  Marine Auxiliary Machinery
●  Marine Engineering English
●  Marine Automation
●  Marine Electrical
●  Engine Maintenance and Repair

During the period of study, students will go through a range of practical exercises in workshops and will be trained with following installations:
●  Navigation simulator
●  GMDSS simulator
●  Marine engine simulator

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